NetflixHow to Download Netflix Movies on Mac & Windows Laptop

How to Download Netflix Movies on Mac & Windows Laptop

Two colleagues on their regular route to their workplace:

Friend 1: So, how was the climax of the movie Extraction.
Friend 2: Don’t even ask, my internet just ditched me last night.
Friend 1: Dude!!! Are you serious? You missed the Climax and that too just because of the unstable network. Oh man, I think now you need to google the ways to download Netflix movies on your laptop.
Friend 2: Yeah, even I think so now. By the way, thanks for suggesting.
Friend 1: No problem.

Moral of the story: Don’t be that friend who just missed the climax due to mere network instabilities.

The below article will throw light on how one can download Netflix movies on one’s laptop.

Before we go through the available options, let us see what the pre-requisites are in order to achieve the same:

  1. Netflix application: One needs to download the latest Netflix Windows 10 version on his or her laptop just to avoid any compatibility issues at later stage. This is because Netflix, yet, does not allow you to download the movies directly from your laptop web browser.
  2. Account setup: The next step is to setup an account with Netflix using sign up or existing login (if not already in).

From here on, the path is straight and clear as here comes the finest part. Now you can freely stream your favorite movies, series shows, etc.

But Hey! What if your network is not supportive or not available at all?

Netflix: No worries, I have a workaround for you desperate to binge-watch, people. Now you can download Netflix movies and TV shows on your laptop so that you can watch them while you are offline. You can thank me later.

Let us look at the employable options:

Direct Search: In order to achieve this, you just need to login to the official Netflix downloaded application on your laptop with the correct credentials. This will take you to the home page where you will have an option to directly jump to the movie or TV show you wish to download.

For example: if you want to download the movie Extraction, just navigate to the search box available on the right side of the windows screen and enter the name as “Extraction”.

This will further take you to the preview screen of the same where you will be provided with a download option just below the description of the movie. This will kick start the download process and once done, you can anytime watch the movie even if your Netflix is offline.

This will help you in killing your time when you do not have a window seat on a long flight.

Availability check: This is a comparatively more advanced search. In this, you will be able to search for your stuff on the basis of its availability to be downloaded.

Firstly, you need to log in to the application. This will land you on the home page where you will be provided with a hamburger (3 horizontal lines) menu icon.

Clicking on it will display a dropdown listing out all the services available. Amongst the same, you will find an option with the text “Available for Download”.

Clicking on it will further take you to a page that will be inclusive of all those movies and TV shows that are available for download.

Now here, you have to make a choice and click on the desired movie/show tile. Further, you will see a preview of the tile selected.

On this screen, a download button will be available below the complete details. Click on it and the process will start.

Once the download is complete, you will again have to go to the hamburger menu and this time, select “My Downloads”. Here you will finally see a record that will indicate all your downloads. Now you can anytime visit this page and click on it to begin the playback.

Tool Tip: If you wish to remove any already downloaded media, you just need to tap on the Downloaded icon under the preview and select “Delete Download”.

And the twist is here: Netflix does not support the download process for viewing them offline on Mac, since as of now the users are not provided with any Netflix App for Mac.


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